17 Cross Stitch Tattoos (Is this the next tattoo trend?)

Cross stitch tattoos are seldom seen and when you see one you’re unsure if it’s real. But it is in fact possible through the artistry and ingenuity of Eva Krbdk.

You remember how granny spends the rest of her time cross stitching at the family home. She had a flower cross stitch done with your name in big bold letters under it. She got it framed and sent it to you when you were just 10 years old. But what would you say if you can have this same pattern inked on your thigh today?

Cross Stitch Tattoos

Tattoos for women have different concepts and has also evolved through the years. Trends have consistently changed and this also applies to modern art tattoo. Inspiration can come from the current fashion. Yet a fresher interpretation of a dated art form is also warmly received.

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Krbdk is an exceptional tattoo artist living in Ankara, Turkey. Her cross stitch tattoos are winning the attention of ink lovers. Also turning the heads of curious onlookers. She is using a previous art initiative to perfect a contemporary design using the body as the canvas. Cross stitch patterns inked on skin is rarely heard of.

Cross Stitch Tattoos

Blessed with outstanding creativity, Krbdk pushed the envelope to find a new way to prove her skill. Making her mark with her cross stitch tattoos netizens are taking notice from across continents. Her tattoo designs are distinctive that you want to get a better look.

The conventional forms most are familiar with are the signs and symbols representing culture and belief. For instance, snakes, dragons, unicorns and crosses to name a few. Some are portraits, lettering or phrases that tell a narrative about a part of one’s life.


Many ink their skin to show their affinity for a loved one or to illustrate a special interest. Others get it for self-expression. Women in particular often have cosmetic tattoo procedure to get permanent make up. Common cosmetic tattoo are lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow.

With Krbdk’s crafty tattoo ideas, you ask questions and you want to know more about her work. You want to make sure that your eyes are not playing tricks. It is as if the X mark on each square of the cross stitch tattoo is embroidered on skin. Odd but imaginative it really sets Krbdk work apart from other tattoo artists.


There are ink lovers who are entirely covered with tattoo art from head to toe. A number prefers a name spelled below their shoulder. A name that is so precious to them that they want to be identified with it forever. A few favor inscriptions such as an adage. They want to be always reminded of these wise words they live with. They all choose to have it on their body.

But now we all have another option. The same tattoo procedure with desired images or memorable text in cross stitch patterns. Krbdk will surely get her hands full with her cross stitch tattoos with clients lining up to get one.







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