Beautiful Indian Paintings Mirror Tales Of The Past

Beautiful Indian paintings come from a historic as well as diverse culture. The manner it is presented reflects local beliefs, characteristics and regional traditions that begins from the early times reaching the present.

The artistic approach depends on what influences a particular era. It can be spiritual, of vernacular literature, or reference to a way of life.

There is no consistent pattern or method. What exists are stunning drawings in color that translates a rich custom shaped by many years of conquest.

Beautiful Indian Paintings

Indian paintings are categorized into murals and miniatures. Murals are vast illustrations on walls or any firm structure. A miniature painting is art found in religious or historic narratives or articles.

Examples of which are shown in cloth as well as reading materials made of paper like books or portraits from albums.

These majestic collections are brought about by various art disciplines. All schools contributed to its evolution. But the inherent quality of the art still rooted as time passes.

The art form is described and classified in the following schools of painting:

  • Rajput– Selection of paintings depicting royal courts in different themes. It thrived in the 1800s in the epics Ramayana and the Mahabharata as well as events in Krishna’s life.
  • Mysore-South Indian classic art known for its delicate but meticulous details and fine shades. A rendition of Hindu mythology as well as its Gods and Goddesses
  • Tanjore-A significant and sophisticated art form from the early 9th century in South India presented in rich color and intricate details. It is mostly of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and scenes from Hindu mythology.
  • Madhubani Painting- Origins from the Ramayana, an epic considered as one of the two great Indian literatures. Art displaying important celebrations and other festivities such as ‘Holi’ or the Spring Festival of colors or love and events like marriage and birth.
  • Pattachitra– It is otherwise defined as cloth-based painting from the words “Patta” (cloth) and “Chitra“ (picture). These are art pieces with illustrations of tales of the Hindu deities.
  • Mughal – Miniature paintings from book illustrations with a fusion of Indian, Persian, and Islamic techniques. Artists’ drawn images of the events in the life of Mughal royalty.
  • Bengal– An influential approach to art linked to Indian nationalism. It flourished in the country throughout the British Raj in the early 20th century

Beautiful Indian Paintings

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