Colorful Gardens That Delight The Senses

Colorful gardens are eye candy that excites the senses. As you look at the blend of lively shades and interesting shapes you forget your troubles and it lifts your spirits up.

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Growing a garden at home requires time and patience. For those who are born with a green thumb it comes naturally. But to many it is not as easy. Fortunately there are gardeners and landscape artists that can help create this picturesque setting.

Colorful Gardens

Another thing to consider is the location. You may be living in a house with picket fences in the suburbs or in a cramp apartment in the city. You can always find room for flowering plants if you want to. It may be on the lawn, in the backyard, or a pot of blooms or herbs in a window garden box.

Colorful Gardens

Colorful Gardens in Different Climates

The weather is also something to think about and this will depend on where you are. Anticipate how the change in temperature and climate will affect the garden if residing in a country with four seasons. Learn what kind of plants and sort of flowers bloom during winter, spring, summer, and fall. Distinguish how to properly grow, water, and care for the flora throughout the transition in climate.

If settling in the tropics with only the wet and dry seasons, you can expect lush vegetation all year-round. Determine when the monsoon months start so you can sow seeds or plant daisies before the heavy rains fall. Any flowering plant or fruit bearing tree can healthily grow with appropriate care.

For periods where the temperature peaks, make sure to correctly water plants and trees early in the morning or late in the afternoon at around 4 p.m. onwards.

Flower and Plant Variety

Understand the difference between annual, perennial, and biennial plants. Annuals are flora growing only for a season. Perennials are plants that can thrive on your lawn for three years or longer. Biennial plants, on the other hand, on average live for around two years.

Find out which works best depending on the orientation of your dwelling place. Some suggest planting an assortment of annuals and perennials. This way you grow a colorful garden with flowers blossoming throughout the year.

There are also recommendations to set a certain tone for a monochromatic look. For example, pick flowering plants in various shades of purple and use it as your color scheme. This has a more refined and dramatic appeal. A number of garden enthusiasts prefer to mix or match hues for a vibrant and cheerful environment. Bold colors brighten the surroundings.

Rainbow shades covering the front yard. Red, yellow, blue, and orange blossoms on flowerbeds near a doorway. Touches of white and pink roses across the house corners, it truly captivates. Makes you appreciate how these colorful gardens can transform one’s gloomy mood to a carefree and happy one.

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