Experimental Homes Conspicuously Made Display Imagination

An experimental home is a home with new design or function in order to improve living conditions. They are built based on the creatives ideas of architects and are an expression of the architect’s art.

An architect is a craftsman, often working off of preconceived concepts and ideas and usually hired by a corporation or firm. They are seldom given total freedom to translate their unique aesthetics.

Experimental Homes

Clients are now discovering the benefits of living in homes with some quirky and odd features. They are choosing to collaborate with architects and they are open to their fresh new ideas.  This gives the architect an opportunity to use their unique style and ideas. Designing and building these new experimental homes allows him to grow as an architect while also benefiting the homeowner.

Architects continue to master their skills and grow with the latest technologies to stay on pace with changes. One of the more recent developments in home building is the use of sustainable materials to help the environment. Finding environmentally friendly resources and materials has proved to be difficult in the past, but more and more companies are offering green alternatives. There are things such as solar panels, energy efficient appliances, double glazed windows, and more that can be installed during the building process to provide you with a green living space.
Wilmington roofing companies are using recycled materials to contribute to reducing the landfill population. The recycled roofing materials can be recycled again after reaching their estimated lifespan. This cycle helps homeowners contribute to the green movement.

From a wide-spaced seaside edifice with all the conveniences to rustic lodgings sitting on a tree, Taschen’s piece on these experimental homes will get many curious. And those searching for their dream house will certainly take notice.

Experimental Homes


Displayed on Taschen are photos of works of the following architects: John Pawson, Richard Meier, Shigeru Ban, Tadao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Herzog and de Meuron, Daniel Libeskind, Alvaro Siza, UNStudio, and Peter Zumthor.






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