10 Decades Of Party Wear In 3 Minutes (Video)

Step back in time with this 3 minute video from Europe’s leading fashion aggregator Stylight.

They recreate the best party looks from the early 1920’s to what’s currently in trend (2016).

See what influenced fashion throughout the decades. From Marilyn Monroe to the colourful 80s, this video will give you a nostalgia trip.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • 1926: The “flapper” era – short dresses
  • 1936: Minimalism following the great depression
  • 1946: Christian Dior inspired “New Look”, shapely bust lines, closely-defined waistlines …
  • 1956: Marilyn Monroe’s iconic curves and pin-up dresses
  • 1966: The Hippie movement and the London mods
  • 1976: Saturday Night Fever
  • 1986: 80’s fashion – colour, size, and experimentats: blue mascara, hair to the skies
  • 1996: Spice Girls
  • 2006: Skinny jeans and Ugg boots
  • 2016: Let’s see what 2016 brings us

See the video below:

Credit: Stylight.co.uk – 10 Decades Of Party Wear In 3 Minutes

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