25 Colorful Hairstyles Photography By Yulia Gorbachenko

Colorful hairstyles can be described as retro chic or avant-garde fashion. Azure, bright and dark shades, warm tones as well as highlights fit the bill moreover all these are captured on camera by Yulia Gorbachenko.

Gorbachenko is Ukranian and presently living in New York. She is a fashion and beauty photographer that started in this business in 2008. Exploring all the possibilities she stumbles upon in the city of dreams, the Big Apple. She at the moment is getting her hands full with editorial shoots for international magazines. And her projects included a portfolio of colorful hairstyles.

Colorful Hairstyles

This gave her the opportunity to work with different people. She collaborated with models, artists and stylists in the industry. Her brand of photography expresses her contemporary approach with a classic touch. When asked about artistry, she confesses that she appreciates Italian Renaissance paintings and architecture. Pointing out that she favored the pieces by Boticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo.

Gorbachenko was born and raised in Pryluky. It is located in the Cherihiv region and one of Ukraine’s oldest municipalities. She left her hometown and transferred to Kyiv at the age of 17 to study. She took marketing and advertising at the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. Yearning for personal and professional enrichment she then moved to the US.

Colorful Hairstyles

In the process and while working on her internship she grew fond of photography. She did not expect it to happen but her new found passion turned into a full time career. Now in New York she says that the city gives her inspiration.

Since then Gorbachenko has never looked back and is happy with her decision. She admits to being spontaneous with the choices she made. But she firmly states that she never regretted it. She believes the paths she took paved way to all her achievements and awards she received.

She evolves in her craft. Finding ways to improve her skills to enhance the images she takes. Discovering and experimenting with the tools she is given. This is why she also takes pride in learning. She even pursued supplementary courses to expand her knowledge.
Gorbachenko finished her Masters degree in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She also completed the curriculum in Photographic Imaging at The Art Institute of Washington. Her technique is a mix of her individual style developed through commercial experience and practice. The perfect example of which is the photos of colorful hairstyles.


Her works were also featured in the pages of the following magazines.
• InStyle Australia
• Modern Weekly China
• Elle in countries such as Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Quebec, Greece, and Bulgaria
• Harper’s Bazaar in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
• Glamour in Italy, Russia, and Mexico
• L’Officiel in Azerbaijan and Thailand
• Cosmopolitan in Germany and the UK
• Marie Claire in China, Russia, and Indonesia

Because of her dedication she also accepted honors from the International Photography Awards, The Look Photo Contest, Prix de la Photographie Paris Competition, and Foto Week DC.







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