Viktor & Rolf Transform Paintings Into Wearable Art

A designer must have intense imagination to turn paintings into wearable art. Viktor &Rolf chose to do as such with a vision to leave the bandwagon thus creating fashion that is uncommon that some are amazed and baffled all at the same time.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren were born in the Netherlands. Together they built the house of Viktor & Rolf in Amsterdam. Delving further on what else they can offer they desire to do something unfamiliar. They demonstrated this last July at their Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2015 Wearable Art Collection staged in Paris.

 Paintings Into Wearable Art

Showing paintings in fragmented frames covered and styled on models. It is a statement that fashion is both about art and self expression. This is the core of every design they produced for this event.  And this is translated to the Viktor and Rolf pieces worn on the runway.

A model opened the show slipped on a denim blue rolled-up sleeve outfit covered with a blank white canvas with a split wooden frame. Maybe interpreted as a clean slate or a fresh start. The white canvas was also draped on the following walking mannequins. It was donned as a cape, a dress or skirt with a golden bronze strap type belt hugging the waist.

 Paintings Into Wearable Art

Apart from the models Viktor and Rolf were also part of the performance at the Palais de Tokyo. The designers were in black shirts, gray denim jeans and white rubber shoes. They then took center stage. The duo took the shattered white canvas off one of the girls. Then the pair hung it on the white walled background set on the podium. It is a clever representation of the connection between fashion and art and vice versa.

During the presentation the blank canvas converts to dramatic images. Still-life portraits, graceful swans and nudes included. They gave homage to artistry reminiscent of the 17th Century. This is otherwise known as the Dutch Golden Age of painting. Viktor and Rolf repeatedly unhooked several of the wearable art. After which they displayed it on the partition that doubles as a gallery.

Optical illusions carried out with layers of laser-cut jacquards. Added are touches of embroideries and appliqués completing the ensemble. A fine-looking Baroque inspired wearable art with a stroke of light and dark silhouettes. For Viktor and Rolf this is proof of their creative genius. It is an undeniable confirmation that this merge of artistry in fashion is inevitable.

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