Astrology Meets Fashion – Zodiac Sign Fashion (Check Out Yours!)

Zodiac sign fashion influences a person’s aesthetics particularly one’s sense of style.

Believe it or not…

Your star sign says something about your choice of clothing.

First things first, are you aware under which star you belong to?

Chances are you already do.

For those who read their daily horoscope, it serves as an astrological compass.

But do you know what your zodiac fashion style is?

As it turns out, your star sign is linked to your wardrobe. And this is the concept photographer Tejal Patni touched on. Creating this year’s 2015 Splash Calendar. His vision brought by his playful imagination made the chic and celestial rule the whole year.

Zodiac signs clothing delve into one’s prevailing modish traits. This was rendered by Patni. Adding theatrical poses presented in the editorial photos of the calendar. He highlights silhouettes and designs that are dreamy and timeless.

Keep reading so you will have a better understanding of your zodiac fashion.

zodiac sign fashion

Capricorn Fashion

As a Capricorn you are naturally stylish with a penchant for structure. You do not bother yourself with fashion faux pas.

zodiac sign fashion

Aquarius Fashion

You are interesting that people take notice. Aquarians have a distinct personal style with an inclination to flamboyant pieces.

Pisces Fashion

You have your own approach to fashion. Idealistic, a Piscean stays true to her/his sense of style amidst the current trends.

Aries Fashion

Hasty Arians speak their mind when it comes to style. Ambitious that they want all eyes set on them.

Taurus Fashion

Determined and detail oriented, you do not compromise anything with regard to fashion. Keeping it real, you have a look that draws attention.

Gemini Fashion

You are versatile and can adapt to fashion trends. Looking smart in anything you wear that onlookers do a “double take.”

Cancer Fashion

Your style is all about your personal vision and comfort. Insightful and spontaneous your outfits are synonymous to a shell that gives cover.

Leo Fashion

Leos command attention with their personal style. Free-flowing fabrics are what you opt for making you feel stunning and regal.

Virgo Fashion

A dedicated fashionista you love everything in style. Though you favor being low key, you strive for perfection when it comes to aesthetics.

Libra Fashion

Libras can be indecisive but are consistently chic. You have a refined sense of style.

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