51 Funny And Perfectly Timed Photos

Today’s post is a collection of 51 Funny and Perfectly timed photos I found on the internet. These perfect timed photos capture rare moments, hilarious scenes, and some bizarre photobombing action.

Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfect timing photos is an art in itself.

It’s about leveraging your craft as a photographer to capture moments that convey, as they say more than a thousand words.

The images in this post though are not all professional photographer images. A lot of them are from amateur photographers. who were just having fun, and by coincidence, happened to capture super funny and perfectly timed shots.

Timed photos need timing precision and creativity…

But, that’s not always the case.

As an amateur photographer you can also make a perfectly timed photo if you meet these 3 criterias:

  • Perfect place
  • Perfect time
  • Perfect angle

If you combine these 3 conditions well and you have a passion for capturing perfect moment photos…

You can make your photos go viral on social media too!

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest perfectly timed photos from amateur photographers.

perfectly timed photos

perfect timed photos

perfect timing photos

perfectly timed dog photos

perfectly timed images

photography dogs  perfectly timed dog photos

timed photos

most perfectly timed photos

funny perfectly timed photos

perfectly times photos

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