Underwater Yoga Photography: Yogis’ Exceptional Portraits

An unprecedented perspective on taking pictures inspired Adam Opris to do underwater yoga photography. His approach is refreshing and does not conform to a regular setting. 

Adam Opris is an award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer based in South Florida. He began his training by initially shooting his nieces while in the swimming pool.

Underwater Yoga Photography

From there he mastered the skill of capturing underwater portraits and moved on to different subjects. And his underwater yoga photography project proves that tranquility in this type of environment makes stunning images.

Underwater Yoga Photography

Opris shared that he is impressed with yogis and their ability to perfect and execute difficult positions. He was grateful that yoga instructors Kerri Verna and Kino MacGregor were free to work with him.


During the photo shoot they both are in stretching and meditation poses while submerged in water. Verna brought his husband along and he happily joined her. Opris even said that she was his first mermaid yogi. MacGregor, on the other hand, has a certification from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India to teach the discipline.


According to Opris Verna and MacGregor committed to the task at hand. Both displayed graceful movements and exquisite form. The yogis’ hair and colorful clothing were adrift while they are at rest or in motion in the water. Ripples and image reflection also contribute to the photograph’s dramatic effect.


All these blend well with the light and water. The vibrant shades the ladies wore also added the right amount of pop to present positive energy in the serene location. It is an interpretation of calmness resonating in all fluidity of the background.


The result is a captivating picture of all the elements described. Underwater yoga photography is indeed a cool and unconventional approach. And it shows Adam Opris’ passion for his craft.





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