Belt Scooter: A Ride You Can Wear Anywhere

Adam Torok is not only thinking of transportation when he created the Belt Scooter. He was developing a convenient and efficient way to bring a person from a current location to a desired destination.

Torok is Hungarian. His vision of travelling in the future is by going back to the basics. With this in mind he made a compact, movable, and manageable vehicle that is effortless to use and easy to keep.

Belt Scooter

He focused on designing a kick scooter that turns into a belt. It is part of his M.A. project at the University of West Hungary in Sopron for the Institute of Applied Art. Simply called the Belt Scooter, its name speaks for itself.

Belt Scooter

The foldable scooter uses leg power. It allows a rider to use narrow shortcuts or constricted pathways. Saving time particularly in city areas where traffic is a big problem. When you finish your ride you can just convert it to a belt and wear it around your waist. No need to park it anywhere or find a secure spot to leave it.

The kick scooter is a portable vehicle that you can wear as you do errands around town or walk around the park. It is built from plywood and iron and is almost 4 pounds light with a stretch of fabric holding it all together.

But it is not that bulky or heavy on the waistline considering it only weighs 1.7 kilograms. Its steering device is adjustable to suit user’s height when unfolded to ride.

The Belt Scooter designed by Torok was included and presented at the Budapest Design Week in 2014. He is now working on its new version, the Belt Scooter 2.0.

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