Podo Stick On Camera – Forget The Selfie Stick

The Podo stick on camera simply makes snapshots and taking videos a cinch. With its wireless camera that you can stick on any surface it can shoot from any angle and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Admit it, you and I are both guilty of posing for a picture or recording a video. How many times have you done this using a selfie stick?

Podo Stick On Camera

Stretching your arms to make sure that everyone is included and captured in the frame. You try your best so that your arm won’t budge. Otherwise you are sure to hear complains afterwards and do it all over again.

Podo Stick On Camera
Podo Camera

Well, for those who love to grab hold of life’s unforgettable moments without costing an arm there is a solution. With the Podo stick you can effortlessly shoot still photos or moving images. No need for a selfie stick.

You do not have to hold the stick up or down. You won’t even need to incessantly shift from side to side to make certain that it is focused on the right direction or the appropriate angle. All you have to do is stick it on a surface and voila! You are creating memories that you can always go back to with a click of a button.

Camera Podo

Podo Stick Anywhere Camera

The Podo stick on camera has a micro-suction pad. Find the right angle and stick it on the nearest surface. Just fix it to your required perspective setting it according to what suits your mood. Attach it to the nearest wall, brick, fence or cemented pillar, wood or glass. It allows you to shoot the way you want. Not depending on strangers to take your individual picture or a group photo.

Podo Selfie

Selfies are just a snap using the Podo stick camera.
In this age where you want to keep everyone updated, you use social media. You make use of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep your friends and family in the know. And the best way to show this is by posting your self-portrait photograph. You shoot the photo at arm’s length using a selfie stick. You look at the picture and you are not satisfied.

Use the Podo stick on camera. Selfies are uncomplicated when you can stick the lens wherever you wish. It’s more fun because you can use your imagination and test all angles.

Podo Wireless Camera

The Podo stick on camera offers wireless connection to a Podo smartphone app. With this technology you instantly get a preview of the image taken on your mobile phone. It is just like using your smartphone as a remote control for a camera lens via Bluetooth. Prompting it to take portraits and moving images, activate time settings. Just the same like that of a standard camera app. The only difference is you have a movable lens that you can place anywhere you like.

Podo is by Podo Labs. Podo founders are Jae Hoon Choi (CEO), Sam Pullman (CTO) and Eddie Lee (President). Lee expressed that the Podo stick on camera is for folks who love to go out. Particularly for those who share mementos of their activities and trips. So that their loved ones will get glimpses of the images on social networking sites.

The Podo stick on camera is a handy and compact device available in dynamic colors. A stick on camera that is small enough that it fits any size of purse or bag and even in your pockets. Price is $99.

Below are its features as well as other specifications

• Size: 2 X 2 X 1 Inches
• Weight: 1.8 OZ
• Bluetooth classic
• Photo: 8MP image sensor
• Images are saved automatically to the Podo app gallery through Bluetooth
• Video 720p 30fps
• custom timer
• rechargeable Li-ion battery (2 hours of video)
• Storage: 4GB memory
• Sensor: accelerometer
• micro-USB port
• 8 LEDs Flash
• Custom timer

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