21 Smart Technology Products You Have To See

Smart Technology products are everywhere.

From fitness trackers to alarm clocks that can also brew your morning coffee, the technology world keeps evolving to make us lazy.

Let’s look at these 21 intelligent tech products that came out recently and see what they can do for you.

Prepare to be amazed !

1. The Barisieur – Alarm Clock That Makes Your Coffee !

The Barisieur - Alarm clock that makes your coffee

The Barisieur – Alarm clock that makes your coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee.

This smart technology device makes your coffee when your alarm clock sets off in the morning. This eases you through the day with the subtle movement of small steel ball bearings that boil the water with induction heating. Check it out at www.joshrenoufdesign.com.

2. MOXO – Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

levitating bluetooth speaker

levitating bluetooth speaker

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Enjoy 360 Degrees of sound perfection with this levitating bluetooth speaker. It reduces the sound waves absorption into surfaces by the levitation action. It makes your music even better.

3. Icybreeze – Portable Air Conditioner And Cooler


Icybreeze Portable Air conditioner

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Unlike regular coolers that only keeps your drinks cold, the Icybreeze Portable Air conditioner cools you down as well. 100% less sweaty summertime for you. Use the link above to buy it.

4. Cumulous Parasol

cumulous parasol

cumulous parasol. Credit:studiotoer.com

This umbrella inflates when the sun is out. You can use it around a pool but not so sure on the streets. Imagine all those things blowing at the same time around a swimming pool when the sun starts to shine !

5. Bluesmart – Carry-On Bag

bluesmart carry on bag

bluesmart carry on bag

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A suitcase that connects wirelessly to your phone. You can remotely locate, lock, and even weigh it. The benefits don’t stop here…

It has a built-in charger to charge your smartphone. It’s your personal travel assistant.

6. Hush – Smart Ear Plugs

hush smart earplugs

hush smart earplugs

Buy Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs

These smart earplugs can detect your husband’s snoring !

But, they won’t block out the emergency phone call or you alarm clock.

How cool is that?

You can control what it detects as annoying to block out and what’s important for you to hear.

7. Ritot – Projection Watch

riot projection watch

credits: indiegogo.com

The most futuristic way to check your time. This watch can also project text messages, emails, calendar and weather alerts.

It also display Twitter Alerts!

8. Avo – Self Cleaning Fish Tank


Avo – self cleaning fish tank. Credits: Kickstarter.com

With Avo, your fish tank will never smell rank.

9. Cocoon – Home Safety Device

cocoon home safety

Coccon Home Safety. Credits: Indiegogo.com

A cute little gadget that works even better than your fiercest watch dog. Even through the toughest of walls and doors, it can sense activity and alarm you.

10. Edyn – Garden System


This smart device tracks environmental conditions to help your plants stay in good condition.

See this project here Kickstarter.com

11. Adobe Ink And Slide – Stylus For iPad


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Your essential drawing and doodling tool with your iPad.

12. Pearl – Compact Mirror & USB Rechargeable Battery

The world’s first compact mirror built-in with USB battery pack. Can be used with iPhone, iPad, Android, USB devices and all your beauty needs.

Available to buy at hypershop.com

13. Ice Cream Sandwich 9000mAh Power Bank

ice cream sandwich

This smart device charges your smart phone and other mobile devices. But the unique feature is the fact that it looks like an ice cream sandwich.

Buy it from Hyperbeast

14. Haiku Fan With SenseME Technology



Click Here To Buy >>

15. WowWee MiP Family Robot


WowWee MiP Robot RC Robot

A cute little robot that can move around the house and follow your hand gestures, and even objects.

Ideal for kids and can also play with your dog !

16. Smart Cup With Drinking Water Reminder Hydration Monitor


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This smart water cup works with your smartphone to monitor your hydration and alert you. It also records your water drinking habits to help you stay hydrated.

17. Golden Goose Egg Scrambler


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Scramble eggs without even breaking the shell !

18. SmartMat – Intelligent Yoga Mat


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19. Butter Knife Magic Butter Spreader


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One piece ergonomic design with 3 functions. Works as a grater, slicer and curler.

20. CatFi – Face Recognition Smart Cat Feeder


Cat lovers will love this. It helps monitors your cat’s health. With the App you can easily monitor your cat’s diet and CatFi will also alert you if there is any change to your pet’s health status.

Check It Out Here

21. TellSpec — Food Scanning System


This smart hand-held device will tell you all you need to know about your meal. If you have any allergies, it will also warn you.

Find useful information like calories, nutrients, chemicals and other ingredients in your meal.

Find out more about TellSpec Here >>

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