3d Pencil Drawings Art That Tricks The Eye

3d pencil drawings art seems to have bounced off the page and can grab your attention. This is how it is presented, appearing to have a life of its own.

I know you might have seen several sketches like this. But have you ever wondered how it’s done? I’m no artist and I’m not even good at drawing.

Nevertheless, I’m curious. And I know you are too. We don’t have to try our hand at it. Just learn a few things. This is to have a better understanding of the basic concepts.
3d Pencil Drawings Art

First things first, let’s look at the elements of 3d drawing.
• Line
• Shape
• Proportion and Perspective
• Light and Shadow

Of course you and I are familiar with lines and shapes. What makes a 3d illustration different is the technique. Light and shadow as well as perspective are important factors. These will make the image look realistic.

3d Pencil Drawings Art

The lighting effect is an essential part as well as a primer of any 3d art lecture. And where there is light there is always a shadow. It creates depth and gives an impression of the figure.Areas where the light falls on the item drawn should be the lightest. And it gets darker when the light source is faint. Playing with both gives one a sense of the object’s shape and texture.

Quite simply, perspective presents the illusion of how an object materializes visibly. It depends on how near or far it is. The closer it is on sight it emerges as bigger. The farther away it is on view it looks smaller.

The bottom line is this…practicing these skills takes time and patience.


Consider this…

I’m no expert in 3d pencil drawings art. But perhaps what I shared will get you to appreciate it more. Not only focusing on how great the picture is. Also think about the artists’ passion and inspiration while rendering the sketch.








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