21 Paper Birds By Nature Lover Diana Beltran Herrera

Paper birds are creations done by nature lover and artist Diana Beltran Herrera. She uses materials that are easy to find, applying simple techniques without complicated tools.

But for this Colombian, her paper birds are not just works of art. It has stories to tell.

Her love for nature started when she was a little girl. She remembers that as a child her father took her for visits to her grandmother’s farm. From then on she discovered her passion for the environment.

Paper Birds

As Diana grew her sentiments did not change.

Her curiosity only deepened. Living in Bogota she developed an interest on local birds. She learned that the capital is full of flora and fauna. Not just bustling with skyscrapers and traffic.

Surprised with what she uncovered she did some research. Diana found information on bird species, behavior, and their habitat through the internet. She also talked to ornithology group members to get more details.

Paper Birds

Inspired with the whole idea Diana envisioned creating dynamic sculptures. She formed birds out of cuts of paper. The artist looks at the bird’s pictures and studies its movement. She prefers her subjects to be in the liveliest conditions, crafted based on its actual size.

Diana pastes the paper feathers she shaped and daintily cut on a paper base. The feathers vary in length and width depending on the kind of bird species. Then she carefully fashions a figure of the bird either at rest or in motion.


The results are astounding and emerge as if you’re looking at the real thing. The paper birds are representations of the animal’s ideal and realistic state. Free and untouched by the modernity of its surroundings.

For Diana it is not just about her artistic skill. It’s more about the facts she came across with about her feathered friends.

She says that the stories of her paper birds serve as a call to rediscover the environment. To be able to know what is there, understand it, and learn through coexistence.








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