Photo Shoots by Rebeca Saray: Fashion Meets Fantasy

Photography, fashion, and fantasy are the three essential components of the photo shoots by Rebeca Saray. Her inspiration, she shares, is her dreams as well as art in its different forms like that of films, paintings, and literature.

Rebeca’s roots come from northwest of Spain in a small town in Galicia amid the woods and coastal area. She now settles in Madrid and flourishes by doing her passions which are photography and editing. She is fond of rock and grunge music and has an affinity for dark and fantasy art design.

Photo Shoots By Rebeca Saray

Her portraits evoke magic and emotions as well as reflect her imagination and desire. Particularly fantasy-themed it is a combination of a photo illustration and her trademark photography.

Rebeca is a recognized photographer and digital artist . Her personal touch made it on the covers of magazines and pages of publications. She has also worked with an airline industry as well as with international labels. She was also featured in various print and digital media.

She loves learning to enhance her craft and skills. And even took courses on styling and make up so that her ideas may concretely translate to her work. Rebeca even admits that up to now there are times when she still does a little of everything.

But the knowledge she gains she passes to others. Rebeca is a teacher and lecturer. And she enjoys sharing information, techniques and methods from her own experience. She likes to see students blossom and evolve to figure out their personal style.

She has three photography books under her name with the titles Feelings, In Requiem, and Alice in Wonderland. All the titles mentioned published by Norma Editorial Spain. Her other three books are with several authors. One of which is called Ensueno with Viki Tapada published by Dibbuks Editorial. Anaya Editorial also published her first technical book Portrait and Dreams.

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