40 Examples Of Alluring Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs bring motion to static images. In short, it combines the art of photography and video to create a visual where only one or a few elements move while the rest remains static.

Photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphics artist Kevin Burg found a creative way to leverage animated GIFs to a new level of art with their Cinemagraph creation. They describe this format as : Something more than photo but less than a video.


Cinemagraph is elegant and subtle

The pair came up with the idea while preparing for the New York Fashion Week in 2011. They wanted photography to communicate more to the viewer. They wanted something that provided more added value to their audience.

Cinemagraphs do appeal more than traditional photography. They provide more elegance and eye-candy to the audience.

There are talks about Facebook & Instagram adopting this format of advertising in the near future. Let’s see how companies can profit from this new media format to create alluring and awesome advertising.


Getting ready – Anna Wintour takes her seat


New York Fashion Week Red Hat

Obtaining perfection

All you need is red.

Fashion Show

Les tendrils

Sparkling Chanel crown by Kelly Framel

Mad, Magical, Mystical Wonderland

Lord Byron Woodring

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