Flixel Ads: The Era Inspired By Living Photos

Advertising is a fascinating and spirited industry. Flixel Ads is creating a buzz in the field by enhancing the character of frozen images.

Flixel Photos Inc., makers of Flixel Ads, produces cinemagraphs. It is a more dynamic approach to mixed media, giving corporations a solid edge.

A moving portrait effectively engages viewers even if devoid of language.  It is a medium that all together tells a story using the qualities of a photo and video. This is what Flixel Ads do to grab the attention of its target market.

Audience Engagement

The agency incorporates movement in still life photography.  This content format is easy to understand and instantly absorbed at a glance.

Allows one to effortlessly showcase or market a product or service. Lets merchants endorse brands, stir interests, and draw consumers on a larger scale.

The Flixel Ads clearly communicates to the audience because it is visually pleasing.  It is an effective and simple instrument charming the crowd by just looking at it.

Captivating and exciting customers to catch the bait, get them hooked, and get the merchandise.

Global Appreciation

This enticed international entrepreneurs to promote their businesses in a high-end global spectrum. It is a unique method of advertising in the form of artistry.   Flixel Ads offers a complete visual package and a myriad of communication strategies.

Its VIP clients include popular names known around the world.

  • The likes of Macy’s, a popular retail brand establishment in North America
  • Campaigns for America’s Next Top Model presented worldwide
  • Panasonic’s Lumix GM1 camera launch with designer Diego Binettihe

Cinemagraphs were used in fashion and news spreads in 2011. Since then the technique is seen in different social and commercial platforms as well as employed on market trends.

The technology is now monitored and applied by many professionals. Used by visual and graphic artists, digital marketers and photographers.


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The Marilyn Monroe Collection

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