Ice Creams Around The World In Pictures

Who can resist ice cream? I know I honestly can’t. This is one frozen delight that everybody loves. Ice creams around the world in pictures will definitely brighten anyone’s day.

The young and the young at heart are fond of this creamy saccharine treat.

Who wouldn’t? I always have coffee and vanilla flavors in the freezer. Two scoops on top of a sugar cone always make me smile.
And you’re going to love this…

There are a myriad of ice cream variations across the globe. All are different in taste, texture, and melting quality.

Each kind will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. It is, without a doubt, one of the most tempting desserts.

Ice Creams Around The World In Pictures

Fact is the choices are endless. Want to know the best part?

Below is a worldwide selection of ice creams you should get familiar with.

Read on to learn more about the tasty assortments from across the continents.

Ice Creams Around The World In Pictures

Hard Custard Ice Cream

From the word “custard” it is made of egg yolks and cream. Churned and frozen. Often found in top American ice cream shops.

Strawberry thyme gelato with sage gelato and ladyfingers at Albero dei Gelati


Gelato is Italian for ice cream. The only difference it is richer and thicker. It is dense because there is more milk. Almost with no egg added. Churned slowly but served in a warmer temperature. This is done for you to taste its silky flavors immediately. Usually presented in stores as a frozen block or cut like a cake.

New England Ice Cream

It is a chewy and dense, low-air ice cream with added milk proteins. Loaded and folded with mix –ins such as brownies, cookies, or crushed candy. The idea was developed by Steve Herrel.

Philadelphia Ice Cream

Light and fluffy ice cream made with no eggs. Milky and melts on your tongue. It is otherwise called as the New York or American ice cream.

Midwestern Frozen Custard

It is a chilled desert like ice cream with egg yolks, cream, and sugar. Smooth and stays cold longer. Freshly churned frozen custard from ice cream shops like Culver’s, Kopp’s, and Leon’s. All located in the Midwest.

Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream made of yogurt. It is a healthier alternative. In some countries it is available in different flavors. Some prefer to put mix-ins such as fruits and cereals.

Clementine Sorbet


A non-dairy treat but an indispensable part of the ice cream world. Flavored sweetened water turned into ice crystals. A chilled dense dessert compared to the others.

Lemon Ice

Italian Ice

Water Ice in sweetened fruit flavors. No egg or dairy ingredients. Served in fairly warm display cases and scraped with a spoon.

Blood Orange Sherbet


It is a refreshing, smooth, full-flavored but less fatty frozen delight. A chilled fruit and dairy treat in one.

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